GeckoEye Security Cam: Securing Your Life


The GeckoEye Security Cam is one of those devices that can appear out of nowhere and still impress you with their great features. And there’s a lot going for this. The unit itself looks like a puck, and the thing to keep in mind is that this is not a large product either.

It’s portable, and that means you get to use it wherever you want. That does mean you have a much better security anywhere you go, and in the end such a thing can do wonders for your day to day life. On the other hand, there are potential challenges and problems that you may have to deal with. One of them is that the product is battery based.

The battery life is really good here, it could be better but it does bring in front some really nice stuff for you to focus on. The 128 GB of memory included with the unit are more than enough for your projects, and you will enjoy that quite a bit.

Also, the GeckoEye Security Cam is smartphone controlled and it can actually charge if you leave it in the sun. Adding solar panels to a unit like this is amazing, and you can’t really find anything similar on the market. That’s one of the amazing things about the GeckoEye Security Cam, and it certainly improves its value in ways you would not imagine.

The base unit has a GSM slot that allows you to integrate a SIM card in there. And there’s also the ability to connect your stuff online as you see fit. That does help make the experience more interesting and rewarding, and it even provides you with the right way to protect your company or your family.

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The materials used for the GeckoEye Security Cam are not the best out there, so the unit is a bit fragile. But if you take care of it and use it in a proper manner, you can get some really good results from it. Just remember to take care of this and constantly create a backup of your storage. The GeckoEye Security Cam is a wonderful product and it’s well worth the investment!

How to choose a radar detector?

radar detector

If you’re on the road very often, a good radar detector can help you a lot. But picking the best radar detector for the money may take quite a lot of time and effort. With that in mind, we have a quick list that will help make this process simpler and a lot more convenient.

Radar Detector types

You can either have a remote mount detector, cordless or corded unit. A lot of people opt for the corded ones because they are less expensive. But you will have wires right near your dashboard, so that’s not exactly convenient. That’s where wireless units come into play. Remote mount detectors are great as well, so it’s up to you.

Laser detection

Laser detection is great, but regular units will only be able to detect laser beams located in front of it. The 360-degree lasers are a lot better in this regard. Sure, they are a bit more expensive, but the return on investment is improved, as you can imagine.

Technology used

The technology used by the radar detector does matter a lot. The regular units will use VG-2, which is a pretty good standard, but it’s quite old and you do need to take that into account. Spectre is a much better technology here and it can definitely do wonders for you in the long run. It’s always a good idea to try and push the boundaries with the latest tech. Some radar units do have shielding against these technologies though.

Visual alerts

How will the radar detector alert you that there’s a radar nearby? Will it do that via voice? Or will it use some other type of alert? Finding what type of alert works for you is very important.


Remember that some types of radar detector are illegal, depending on where you live. So you do need to study the local laws and see what you are legal allowed to use and what you can’t use.

Some other features like GPS support and complete compatibility with a smartphone can come in handy too. The idea is to make the right pick and to take your time with it. The return on investment can be huge, so try to keep that in mind.

Choosing the best radar detector can be tricky at times, so do read radar detector reviews online before you spend your hard earned money on buying a radar detectors.

Helpful Tips For Safe Driving

safe driving tips

Since there are more and more cars on the road, it’s getting very hard to stay safe and avoid accidents. But as always, there are ways you can use to eliminate such problems on the road. Here are some of the best ideas to focus on in order to make that happen!

Always respect people on the road

Remember what you learned in driving school. Allow other drivers to do what they are legally allowed and make sure that you stick to the rules too. Avoid things like blocking the path of your vehicle by moving in front of it. That will be very helpful for you, so try to keep that in mind.

Avoid going over the speed limit

When you do that, you are more likely to deal with accidents. There’s a reason why governments instituted a certain speed limit, so try to stick to it. In the end, this will help you stay safe on the road, and that’s what matters the most. Also check this article on how to select the best radar detector to avoid speed tickets.

See what others are doing

Being a good driver is all about knowing how to drive and figuring out the actions that others do as well. This way you can avoid problems and even potential accidents, something that you must keep a focus on at all costs.

Use your seatbelt

It’s pivotal to use your seatbelt right away. It will help you a lot, especially if you end up in an accident. This can actually save your life, which in the end it’s the right thing to focus on.

Avoid driving when you don’t feel ok

Driving requires a lot of concentration and focus. You will need to drive only when you really feel ok and ready to be on the road. The same thing happens when you have a long drive. You want to avoid driving for a really long time, the idea here is to know how to stay safe and avoid issues while driving.

In the end, these are the most important things to consider while driving. It’s pivotal to use all these tips if you want to avoid any accidents or other problems. Plus, you will end up coming home safely and without any issues, which is what you need!