GeckoEye: Security For Peace of Mind

Introduce GeckoEye – a unique and versatile solution for anyone to ensure that their property – house, car, office etc. – is safe and secure 24/7. This small gadget can easily replace many other devices at a much lower cost. You will not really need car dvr, security camera, baby or pet monitor any more.




Small device with almost unlimited capabilities.


Easy to check live or receive alert.


Durable aluminium or polycarbonate casing gives GeckoEye a stunning look and protection.




You can purchase GeckoEye at and be the first to receive GeckoEye at a price significantly less than future retail price. Special dealership and wholesale offers available. 

We’re sure that you like the GeckoEye and will be happy to answer your questions and suggestions.


GeckoEye is really more then just security device. Lots of necessary features collected in such a small device.


Front and back HD cameras

Wide angle lens, night vision.

Motion detection

Highly sensitive sensor .


Customizable security modes.

Engaging design

Clean and stylish shapes, stunning look.

Multi Geckoeye support

Possibility to connect 3 Geckoeye cameras on same wireless network .


Highly sensitive amplifier with automatic gain control.



Duo sim support

3g, 4g.

Numerous OS support

Android, IOS, Nokia, Blackberry.

Solar charger

Advanced elements 

High capacity lithium polymer battery

Up to 240h standby. 

Innovative video encoding

To avoid high traffic costs and high video quality. 

50GB cloud storage

1 year free.

128GB onboard memory

All data will be stored even when offline .

GPS tracker

Easily helps find your car.


using GeckoEye app you can always check out the security of your possessions and property from anywhere on Earth.

You or anyone you choose will receive alerts in real-time by SMS, Email, Facebook message.

Our Working Process

We've been working on the GeckoEye for 7 months now.

We’ve already done a huge job. We have produced several generations of prototypes, apps and made them work together concordantly. In order to start the bulk production we need to purchase a large amount of electronic components and manufacturing molds.

Our apps work smoothly now, but we still need to work a great number of hours to make them perfect for the market launch. We have ambitious plans for our software updates and we intend to use the financial support to make the most of the GeckoEye technology.

We are very much decisive not to bring  another useless gadget into the market that is really teeming of them but rather to design a totally unique and special product that could be utilized through  smartphone, tablet, PC and whatever is convenient for the user.

Already done: Idea, Collecting initial funding for prototyping and software developing, Assembled core Team, Completed POC, Developed and tested encoding software, Mobile app developing, MF prototype, First working model.

In progress: Indiegogo campaign.

Have to be done: CF prototype, DFM prototype, Cloud storage, stage 1, Begin manufacturing- full production run and quality control, Packaging and shipping first Indiegogo orders, Cloud storage stage 2, Additional accessories manufacturing.

Most importantly, all videos will be secured on our Cloud storage, this is like a Black Box (Flight data recorder in aviation) – absolutely safe with the ability of access when it needed. 

You only pay for the GeckoEye and apps comes totally for free as well as 50 GB cloud storage!



GeckoEye team believes in smart gadgets that helps feel calmness and safety. We are happy to share more information about our project, feel free to contact us!

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